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Expert Investigation Team

Court Research - Falcon’s Private Investigations

A Brief Description of Our Staff’s Experience

One member of our team retired with 31 years of experience in Law Enforcement. His position called for Leadership in Management and public and local government communications. He was a detective for 21 years with six of those years managing the Juvenile Division.

The next member with 12 years of experience started his Law Enforcement career as a Patrolman. He became a Patrol Sergeant running the day to operations in the Traffic Division.

The newest member of our team adds a high level of commitment, organizational skills and the ability to communicate with our clients in a professional manner while making them feel comfortable discussing their situation. She builds a trusting relationship with each client.

Our staff is professional, personable, and committed to completing every case knowing our client is satisfied with his or her experience.

Combined Education & Training

  • United States Marine Corps
  • LSU Hazmat Training
  • Dale Carnegie Course
  • Chemical Testing for Intoxication
  • Louisiana Basic Training Academy
  • Louisiana Task Force
  • Leadership and Liability
  • Standardized Field Sobriety
  • LSU Law Enforcement Institute
  • Grade Crossing Collision Investigation
  • Accident Investigations
  • Regional Counter Drug Training Academy